Creative Transitions

nandi-feetUsing the tools and philosophy of the Expressive Arts I CAN FACILITATE:

  • Create Poetry ~ even if you have never written a poem
  • Create a Playlist of Music~ music loved or which expresses ones life
  • Create Artwork ~ even if you are not an artist
  • Create Sacred Space and Visual Environments
  • Create Ceremonies, Meaningful Rituals, A Memorial
  • Create a Life Review ~Via the medium of Choice
  • Use Spiritual Tools and Cultural Traditions Creatively
  • Translate Guided Imagery Into Art
  • Choreograph a Simple Family or Community Dance ~ Celebrating and Honoring Life Creatively
  • Facilitate Creative Communication ~ between family, healthcare and medical clinicians and related practitioners such as chaplains, and social workers.

Let us use the arts to enable us to express the otherwise inexpressible, and the experience of cognitive, emotional and spiritual areas to which people otherwise have no access.

These areas can serve as an unparalleled form of communication.

Creative Funerals – “Last Acts of Love”

  • White Cardboard Caskets and Pine Urns available
  • Green Friendly
  • With the guidance, support and tools of the Creative Arts Therapies
  • Create your personalized statement using paints, collage, quotes, symbols and more
  • Paint your casket yourself, with the help of a Creative Arts Therapist, or with family and friends
  • Painting ones casket could be considered a last act of love in this one glorious life