Cancer Services

Expressive Art Therapies For Patients and Survivors Healing from Cancer

Expressive Arts Therapies are used as a means to enhance the healing process and see the journey through a creative lens.

Nandi helps Individuals reclaim and discover their own creative life affirming power.

Through the creative process she helps her clients summon up their own creativity for healing themselves, combining traditional talk therapy with insight oriented structured activities that use art, music, movement and writing.

heart-handsShe is particularly skillful in using movement as a means to healing.

Cancer is a major assault on the body, it makes sense to have a body based therapy that deals with emotional concerns as well.

Nandi is a Registered Dance Movement Therapist clinically certified by the American Dance Therapy Association. (See FAQ)

DMT has been demonstrated clinically effective in developing body image, improving self concept, increasing self esteem, ameliorating depression, decreasing fears and anxieties, expressing anger, decreasing isolation, fostering solidarity, decreasing bodily tension, reducing chronic pain, enhancing respiratory and circulatory functions, increasing feelings of well being and promoting healing.

Expressive Art Therapies and Dance Movement Therapy offer people dealing with cancer a way to listen to the inherent wisdom of their body. It offers a forum to:

  • Awaken to their own body in relationship to their health and wisdom and not just to a disease.
  • Improve feelings about their body while working on body image, self esteem and effects on life.
  • Address unresolved feelings that have affected the body.
  • Explore fatigue and vitality.
  • Rediscover sensuality and increase sex life.
  • Deal with a part of the body that has been maimed or shadowed and to look at it lovingly.

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