Soul Medicine

Help transform your life by awakening your creative self. Heal and grow by revitalizing your freedom of expression… In a safe and sometimes lively environment, this workshop will use the expressive arts of movement, sound, art, and drama as a path to inner and collective discovery and as a way to experience feelings. The creative process offers a new way of attuning to us both verbally and non-verbally.

The Healing Practice – Affect Change Through Movement

Give direction and meaning to our healing process. The Healing Practice combines movement, listening and awareness to bring you into a pro-active relationship with an emotional, spiritual or physical concern. Develop a personalized healing movement practice, which allows the body to reveal and express its personal, creative and spiritual wisdom in movement.

Insight through Movement – Introduction to Dance/Movement Therapy

Dance/Movement Therapy is for people desiring a body-centered approach to healing and insight. It is different from a dance class because the focus is more on what the movement feels like verses what they look like. The group will use creative structures that explore easing and releasing tension while redirecting energy, increasing awareness, expanding expressiveness, facilitating communication and improving well-being and one’s ability to experience pleasure. Limited body movement does not preclude the many possibilities for exploration and interaction.