“In the diverse world of healing professionals, Nandi Szabo is a breath of fresh air. She has a gift of rich creativity, and uses it to help her clients summon up their own creativity for healing themselves. As an affiliated complementary therapy provider for Sutter Center for Integrative Health since its inception, Nandi has consistently aided in the treatment of the many patients that I have referred to her, both through her classes, and via individual therapy. With her extensive knowledge and experience in Creative Arts and Dance Movement Therapy, she has dramatically changed the lives of many in very positive and life affirming ways. Nandi recognizes that the deepest healing begins within, and by helping people find ‘that which seeks expression’, she offers each person their own path toward a higher level of wellness.”

– Ron Cotterel, M.D., Director
Sutter Center for Integrative Health

“Nandi provides a class that teaches great self awareness and interdependence with the universe. The class gave ideas on how to use creative movement and relaxation and focus during the busy day. It taught how to take time to think about our body. This class is the best thing after a very hectic week and it really helped to relieve stress and uplift. Nandi has a very pure spirit.”

– Kate Moody
Outreach Education Manager
Women and Children’s Services
Sutter Memorial Hospital

“I am a 7 year breast cancer survivor. I am 58 years old. I work part time as a dental hygienist. I am married with two grown children and became a grandmother one year ago.

After surviving cancer and treatments, I did not want to be a victim. I wanted to be proactive in my healing process. Dance Movement Therapy offers me a way to do this. Nandi creates a safe container to promote the healing journey by using music, dance, art and writing so I can explore my personal feelings. Nandi is such a caring and nurturing person with a vast wealth of knowledge and techniques she can use to help anyone. There is nothing else like this class. DMT is the silver lining to my cancer experience. Most of all, it’s fun, I love it, and look forward to each and every class.”

– Judy Morioka,
Cancer Survivor

“Nandi Szabo uses group exercises and innovative thinking to illustrate the idea that we bring all of ourselves- our physical, mental and emotional self – to the work environment. She teaches balance, paying attention to our whole environment and how to tap into the creative part of our brain for problem solving, team building and becoming more productive at work. I came away from the sessions energized and inspired.

– Karla Crawford, Director,
Foster Grandparent Program, Department of Human Assistance,
Sacramento County