Live well to die well.


There are many paths to healing

“You would know the secret of death. But how shall you find it unless you seek it in the heart of life? ”    Khalil Gibran


I am a midwife of sorts. I help birth the dying, not into life but into death. You might say I bring death back into life, making it as precious a moment as birth.

Through a creative lens I assist the dying and their families in finding meaning and value as they live through their unique experience of death and dying, which may present us with physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual issues that can leave us feeling lost in darkness, pain and sorrow.My approach uses expressive arts therapies and verbal process, recognizing the importance of caring, compassionate and complete loving attention and support.

I move with the dying and their family through the lived experience of dying, death, loss, suffering and grief and towards growth and transformation. As we approach death, whether it is our own or loved ones, with an open heart, we can allow ourselves to move into a deeper dimension of the dying experience.

My services are offered at the bedside, ones home or at my studio.

I bring my experience as an Expressive art therapist, Professor of Death and Dying, 20 years working with cancer patients and most recently a Home funeral guide. I am co-founder of Full Circle Living and Dying in Grass Valley California.



nandilight“Our job is to participate joyfully in the sorrows of the world” ~ Joseph Campbell

Life is precious. Dying is a mystery.

Using the tools and healing structures of the Expressive Art Therapies I will help facilitate the dance between holding on to life and letting go to the mystery of death.

…offering a creative, safe forum to enhance the quality of time one has left, creating an interplay between anxiety, fear or pain management and the arts…

…Thus embracing the physical, emotional, spiritual, existential and relational dimensions of dying.

…The more creative interaction, the more understanding, healing and support can deepen, and the greater the possibilities for insight, joy and increased self –confidence.

• Can we meet suffering with tenderness, strength and compassion?
• Can we transform society’s view of dying and embrace the meaning of dying well?
• Can we give caregivers a way to be part of the mystery?

What if we ask the dying…
• What is seeking expression?
• What is it you need for fulfillment?
• What is holding you back from transitioning?

Activate your deep listening and healing response to what ails through creative pathways.


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